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Fig. 2

From: An outbreak of intestinal schistosomiasis, alongside increasing urogenital schistosomiasis prevalence, in primary school children on the shoreline of Lake Malawi, Mangochi District, Malawi

Fig. 2

Schematic map showing the prevalence of intestinal schistosomiasis in June 2019, by sampled school, and by urine CCA-dipsticks

Freshwater sites inspected for Biomphalaria pfeifferi over the November 2017–December 2019 period are also shown [Note that schools denoted with a flag represent locations where ova-patent Schistosoma mansoni infection was observed, and the schools associated with objectives 1–3. The black arrow labelled ‘A’ denotes the bay area as shown in Fig. 4 where the shoreline has changed during the 2005–2016 period, most likely due to lowering lake levels and local sedimentation, where numerous B. pfeifferi (n ≥ 10) have been consistently found]. +ve: positive; −ve: negative

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