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Table 3 Distribution of OOP tuberculosis-related payments (USD) a across the household income quartiles

From: Out-of-pocket payments and economic consequences from tuberculosis care in eastern China: income inequality

IndicatorsTotalIncome quartiles bP-value
Cost category
 A1. Direct medical costs1586.71305.81506.21624.71900.20.046
 A2. Direct non-medical costs393.6275.7338.9439.9516.60.020
  Nutritional supplement82.742.546.899.0142.00.014
 A. Direct costs1980.31581.61845.12064.62416.80.046
 B. Indirect costs409.2189.4332.2380.5727.4< 0.001
 C. Total costs2389.51771.02177.32445.13144.2< 0.001
TB episode
 E. Pre-treatment1167.8941.41138.01180.51401.90.307
 F. During treatment1221.8829.61039.31264.61742.30.001
  F1. Intensive phase772.4490.7604.2828.31159.70.005
  F2. Continuation phase449.4338.9435.2436.3582.60.075
  1. acurrency exchange rate: CNY 675 to USD 100.
  2. bIncome quartiles are arranged from lower to higher (Q1 = lower; Q4 = higher).
  3. Note: A = A1 + A2, F = F1 + F2; C = A + B = E + F. Abbreviations: OOP Out-of-pocket; OOP Out-of-pocket; USD United States Dollar; CNY Chinese Yuan; Q1 1st Quartiles; Q2 2nd Quartiles; Q3 3rd Quartiles; Q4 4th Quartiles