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Table 1 Summary of the clinical biochemical testing

From: A case of brucellosis concomitant with HIV infection in China

Sample typeClinical indicatorsLaboratory dataUnitReference range
Whole bloodNeutrophil count1.99a109/L2.00–7.00
Neutrophil rate38.2a%50.0–70.0
Lymphocyte count2.73109/L0.80–4.00
Lymphocyte rate52.2b%20.0–40.0
White blood cell count5.22109/L3.50–9.50
Monocyte count0.41109/L0.12–1.2
Monocyte rate7.9%3.0–12.0
ESR blood sedimentation39bmm/h0–21
CD3+ count2648bcells/μl770–2041
CD3 + CD4+ count467cells/μl414–1123
CD3 + CD8+ count1523bcells/μl238–874
CD3+ percentage88.98b%6–82
CD3 + CD4+ percentage15.69a%40–58
CD3 + CD8+ percentage51.17b%15–32
Lymphocyte count2976cells/μl
Lymphocyte percentage40.65%
CD4/CD8 ratio0.31
SerumAlanine aminotransferase131bU/L0–37
Aspartic aminotransferase109bU/L0–37
Hypersensitive C-reactive protein82.9bmg/L0–5.0
  1. aLaboratory data are below the reference range. bLaboratory data are above the reference range - no data