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Table 2 Laboratory species-biovar identification results

From: A case of brucellosis concomitant with HIV infection in China

StrainGrowth characteristicsMono specific phage lysisSpecies- Biovar
CO2 requirementH2S productionThioninFuschinSeraRTD 
2019SC-YT+++++Brucella melitensis bv 3
544A++++++B. abortus
bv 1
16 M++++B. melitensis bv 1
Ether+++++B. melitensis bv 3
1330S++++++B. suis
bv 3
  1. A Anti-A serum, M Anti-M serum, RTD Routine Test Dilution, Tb Tb phage, Wb Wb phage, BK2 BK2 phage