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Table 4 Bed net use and malaria infections among febrile patient consulting at Kobeni health centre in Hodh Elgharbi region, southeastern Mauritania, during 2015–2017

From: Malaria epidemiology in Kobeni department, southeastern Mauritania from 2015 to 2017

Bed net useaN (%)Number (%) of patients 
Malaria positiveMalaria negativeOdd ratio (95% CI)P-value
Yes1637 (71.8)987 (60.3)650 (39.7)1.1 (0.91–1.32)0.33
No644 (28.2)374 (58.1)270 (41.9) 
  1. aInformation on the use of bed net was available from 2281/2326 (98.1%) patients. Among those who own bed nets, a large majority of patients reported to have both insecticide-impregnated and non-impregnated bed nets