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Table 1 A summary of exposure variables and their measures

From: Determinants of household catastrophic costs for drug sensitive tuberculosis patients in Kenya

Type of data Category Variable Definition Measure
Continuous Individual characteristics Age Age of patient in years rounded off to the next whole unit Years
BMI Nutritional status of patient Body weight
(kilograms)/height2 (metres)
Household size Total number of people living together and sharing at least one meal/day (usually dinner) Units
Pre-TB expenditure Total annual household expenditure (patient and/or others) prior to falling ill with TB  
Categorical Individual characteristics Gender Gender of patient Male/Female
Diabetes Type II diabetes mellitus as a comorbidity Yes/No
HIV status Presence of HIV coinfection Yes/No/Undisclosed
Education Patient’s level of education No education, primary education or lower (< 8 years), secondary education and above =/> 8 years in school
Nutritional Support Receiving nutritional support Yes/No
Household characteristics Residence Living in urban/rural area? Urban/Rural
  Insurance status Does the patient have health insurance coverage? No/Social health insurance/Private health Insurance
Disease & care-seeking characteristics X-ray test Radiography test done for diagnosis of TB Yes/No
Hospitalized Any hospitalization during current TB treatment Yes/No
TB type Disease affecting the chest or another body organ? Pulmonary/Extrapulmonary
Facility type Type of health facility giving care Public/Private
Retreatment First episode of treatment or not? New/Retreatment & Relapse
Treatment delay Length of the delay between onset of symptoms and start of treatment  < 4 weeks/4 weeks or more delay
  1. BMI body mass index, TB tuberculosis