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Table 3 Data extracted from studies

From: Narrative overview of animal and human brucellosis in Morocco: intensification of livestock production as a driver for emergence?

Serological surveys Bacteriological studies Official case reports
-Population origin
-Sampling method (probability versus non-probability sampling)
-Sampling approach
-Bias or gaps in description of sampling method
-Diagnostic test(s) used, cut-off and antigen origin
-Location of study
-Period of sampling
-Sample size
-Seroprevalence (individual and herd/flock if available)
-Publication type in which data presented (thesis, journal, report)
-Population origin of samples
-Region from which samples collected
-Period of sampling
-Media used for bacteriological culture
-Typing methodology
-Type and number of biological samples collected
-Brucella species and biovar isolated
-Number of strains isolated
-Number of isolates
-Publication type in which data presented (thesis, journal, report)
-Year of report
Number of cases
-Number of outbreaks
-Province of origin if data available