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Table 3 Genotyping of Anaplasma spp. in the ticks in Qinghai Province

From: Molecular detection of Anaplasma infections in ixodid ticks from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Anaplasma spp. Gene marker Number of obtained sequences Number of genotypes GenBank accession numbers of obtained sequences Reference sequences from GenBank
A. ovis 16S rRNA 47 4 MG940865, MG940866, MG940868, MG940867 MF071305, HQ456347, EF067341, HQ456350
A. phagocytophilum 16S rRNA 56 3 MG940877, MG940878, MG940879 KU321304, KM186948, LC269823
A. bovis 16S rRNA 40 5 MG940884, MG940881, MG940880, MG940882, MG940883 KU509990, HQ913645, EU682764, KJ639885, KF465981
A. capra 16S rRNA 28 2 MG940874, MG940873 MF066917 KX417196
  groEL 20 2 MG940875, MG940876 KR261634, KX685888
  gltA 18 2 MG940871 MG940872 KX417308, KX685885